Wednesday, September 23, 2015

So sorry!

Hi everyone! It's been forever hasn't it! Sorry about that. Summer just kinda snuck up on me and the kids were home, etc. Anyway, enough of the blah blah blah! I'm back, so that is all that matters! 

Today's card for you is a sad one! My really good neighbour had to let her beloved cat go to animal heaven the other day. So sad! She had her for about 12 years. 

So sorry stampin up

The cat stamp and the paw print are not Stampin' Up!. They were the only ones that I have with a cat.

so sorry stampin up fry box

Normally I would have given her flowers or a baked good of some kind, but I just didn't have anything. My wonderful daughter suggested that I give her homemade potato chips. 

thoughts and prayers stampin up

She absolutely loved them! Made her day (which of course we were happy about)!

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Happy Stamping!

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